Off-Grid Solar Solution

QEOS ENERGY Off-Grid Solar Systems is designed for rural electrification. The system can be scaled to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power to homes and schools that are too far placed from the grid. The system is ruggedized and modular to allow for deployment in rural terrain environments. QEOS ENERGY Off-grid solar system is designed to be robust and comes with a minimum 10 to 20 year warranty.

Off-Grid System Overview

System Design Capacity 1 kW
Output Power 230 VAC
Frequency Range 50/ 60 Hz
System Performance Warranty 25 Years
Average Daily Power Generation (kWh) 7.6 kWh
Sunlight Minium Requirement 50%
Battery Full Charging (Normal Sun) 2.2 Hours
Operating Ambient Temperature Range 40 c
Remote Monitoring System Yes

Solar Panel

Cell Type Polycrystalline Silicon 6 inches
Maximum Power (PMAX) 320 W
Maximum System Voltage 1500 V DC
Maximum Power Voltage (VMP) 34.0 V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 6.90 A
Open Circuit Voltage 41.8 V
Short Circuit Voltage 7.40 A
Size of Module (L x W x H) 1970 mm x 992 mm x 40 mm
Frame (Type, Material, Thickness) Anodized Alu, Ally Frame, 35 mm Thickness
Quality of Cells 72 Pieces (6 x 12)
Weight 25.8 kg

Inverter with Integrated Smart Solar Charge Controller

Type Hybrid Lithium Ion Inverter
Rated Power 1000-5000 W
Input Voltage 230 Vac
Input Frequency Range 50/60 Hz (Auto sensing)
Output AC Voltage (Battery Mode) 230 Vac ± 5%
Efficiency 93%
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
System Voltage 24 V
Solar Input Voltage < 55 V
Efficiency of Constant Current 90% - 96%
Light Control Smart Power Mode
Protection Level IP68

Battery Storage

System Performance 25 Years
Type High Power Lithium ION
Weight 6.5 Kg
Terminal DIN Plug
Max. Continue Discharge Current/A 9 A
Max. Continue Charge Current/A 9 A
Cycle Life 9000
Rapid Battery Charging 2.2 Hours
High Energy Density 110 kWh / Kg
Maintenance Not Required
Eco Friendly Yes (Non-Toxic)
IP Rating IP68
Battery Management System Built in

Off-Grid System Advantages

QEOS Solar Energy System (1 kW) Advantages at Same Cost - Based on Competitor

Items Competitor QEOS Solar System

Inverters Warranty 5 Years 25 Years
Solar Panel Performance Warranty 25 Years 25 Years
Battery Type Lead Acid Lithium ION
Battery Warranty 2 Years 25 Years
Battery Cycle 730 9000
Daily Battery Storage Capacity 2 kWh 3.75 kWh
Guaranteed Operational Hours 12 Hours / Day 24 Hours / Day
Maximum Monthly Power Generation 60 kWh 220.0 kWp
Minimum Monthly Power Generation No Guarantee 115.2 kWh
Remote Monitoring No Yes
Operation & Maintenance Villagers QEOS
Rapid Battery Charge Capability 6 Hours 2.2 Hours
Backup Genset Required Yes No