QEOS ELPIS Solar Hybrid

QEOS ENERGY has a wide range of solar hybrid electrification modes. The QEOS ELPIS Solar Hybrid system has been designed for rural application. It’s solar system is designed to be scalable for future upgrades. Paired with a Li-ion battery system that’s designed to be transported by light vehicle, makes it the ideal solution for rural transportation. The system is supported by an advanced diesel generator set, which would be used to charge the batteries should there be insufficient sun light. Enabling the system to provide 24 hours of uninterrupted electricity supply.

Solar Panel

Solar Panel Type Low LID Mono PERC
Maximum Power (PMAX) 375 W
Power Tolerance +5 W
Maximum Power Voltage (VMP) 9.47 V
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 39.6 V
Open Circuit Voltage 48.35 V
Short Circuit Current 9.90 A
Size of Module (L x W x H) 1956 mm x 991 mm x 40 mm
Quality of Cells 72 Pieces (6 x 12)

Grid Tie Inverter (Three Phase)

DC Input Data
Maximum PV Power (kW) 50
Maximum PV Input Voltage (Vdc) 1000
Maximum PV Input Current (A) 30
Number of MPPTs 3
MPPT Voltage Range (Vdc) 480~800
AC Output
Nominal AC Output Power (kW) 50
Maximum Output Power (kW) 55
nOMINAL ac vOLTAGE (Vac) 380/400
Euro Efficiency 98%

Battery Storage

Battery Type Li-ion
Nominal Voltage 576 V
Useful Battery Stirage Capacity 156 kWh
Battery Warranty 10 Years
Battery Lifetime >5,000 Cycle

Bilateral Inverter

DC Voltage Range (Vdc) 480~800
Maximum Input Current (A) 108
Rated Output Power (kW) 40
Maximum Output Reactive Power (kVA) 40
Rated Grid Voltage (V) 380/400
Power Factor >0.99(+0.9~-0.9)
Maximum Efficiency 94%
Dimension (W x D x H)(mm) 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1800 mm with transformer
Weight (kg) 745

Container Hybrid Energy Storage Solution (CHESS)

Dimension 2.0 m (L) x 1.4 m (W) x 2.0 m (H)
Tare Weight of Container 1500 kg
Total Maximum Weight of Loaded Container 3500 kg