Turcomp Engineering Services Sdn Bhd - Shah Alam, Malaysia

When Turcomp Sdn Bhd was looking for a solution to reduce energy consumption at one of their many offices in Malaysia, QEOS LED was given the privilege to bring its solution to this client.Given the office space is a 3995 square meter area, QEOS LED managed to use only 439 units of its Ultra Efficient LED Downlights to illuminate this commercial office.

Turcomp Engineering Services Choose QEOS LED, for Better Energy Savings

QEOS LED technology managed to bring down energy consumption by 72% for the office. A major milestone breakthrough for any company looking to reduce its maintenance and utility bills. All QEOS LED products are mercury free and thus is eco friendly giving Turcomp Sdn Bhd a better green index standing.

Turcomp Engineering Services Shine with LED Lighting by QEOS LED.

The advance technology behind QEOS LED lights allowed the system to be retrofit into existing spaces. Therefore minimal installation down time was needed. The installation, testing and commissioning took 3 days to complete and deliver.