Renewable Energy Programmes

Worldwide, nearly 1.3 billion people lack reliable access to electricity. QEOS ENERGY is equipped for rural solar applications which is in dire need by those with limited access to power. Electricity access is essential for people’s lives and livelihoods: from using fridges to store food and medicine; charging mobile phones to stay connected; lighting up households and schools at night; to powering local businesses. For those living in the most remote areas, standalone solar systems operating independently of the grid can meet electricity needs such as phone charging and lighting but may struggle with larger electricity loads such as powering machinery and agricultural equipment.

QEOS ENERGY off-grid solar solutions operate when the population is too small or remote for grid extension and standalone solar systems aren’t viable for larger electricity needs.Essentially off-grid solar systems are independent, decentralised electricity networks that can function separately from a national grid.Those who have access often rely on polluting, unreliable and costly diesel-powered generators. Solar-powered off-grid systems is the answer to rural community. Well-suited to small, remote communities, renewable energy off-grid systems are cheaper, greener options for rural electrification.

Lighting up rural lives with solar energy: Many communities in rural Asia still live without access to electricity, which hampers their ability to provide basic health and education services.

Solar generation for rural communities: Estimated potential for solar can reach up to 6500 MW. The solar powered can stand out as symbolic beacons of hope for the villagers as their young can now receive their education with the aid of modern technology.

Biomass: QEOS ENERGY favours responsible technologies to put in use, to conserve, to recycle valuable resources and remediate environmental threats. Biomass is any organic matter—wood, crops, seaweed, animal wastes—that can be used as an energy source. Biomass is probably our oldest source of energy after the sun. Biomass is a renewable energy source because its supplies are not limited. We can always grow trees and crops, and waste will always exist.

Off-Grid Solar System Solution

QEOS ENERGY Off-Grid Solar Systems is designed for rural electrification. The system can be scaled to provide 24/7 uninterrupted power to homes and schools that are too far placed from the grid. The system is ruggedized and modular to allow for deployment in rural terrain environments. QEOS ENERGY Off-grid solar system is designed to be robust and comes with a minimum 10 to 20 year warranty.

Off-Grid Solar System Solution

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