Summit Hotel - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Summit Hotel (formerly known as Quality Hotel) sustainability strategy focuses on reducing carbon footprint, supporting innovative conservation initiatives and inspiring their guests to support these efforts. QEOS Energy has implemented their sustainability strategy by utilizing QEOS LED most advanced ultra-high energy efficient lighting in all suitable areas resulting in an astonishing RM 56 million electricity savings.

Bright and Friendly Atmosphere

The right lighting is important for any hotel. To showcase the nicely decorated room with the proper ambience is the secret to a comfortable stay. Correct lighting can enhance a positive mood among the guests. It also activates the senses and makes the food, deco and furniture look more appealing. QEOS LED lighting technology allows for custom colour temperatures to exude the class and feel of a hotel environment worthy of its star rating and perhaps even beyond.

Huge Savings in Electricity Cost

Once the QEOS ENERGY team completed its installations, Summit Hotel has seen a total cost saving of RM 56 million. Besides reducing a huge amount of electricity cost, Summit Hotel now has a better lighting system that will undoubtedly attract more customers hence increasing their business opportunity.