Silterra - Kulim, Kedah

The introduction of a new light fitting that was relatively new to the market was somewhat of a risk for the business. However, Silterra Sdn Bhd placed their confidence in QEOS LED; their engineering expertise and their willingness to support the installation, ensured that Silterra were able to take this step to improving the sustainability of its existing operations. The feedback from the plant personnel has been very positive and are delighted with the overall result, not to mention the significant reduction in energy costs to follow all thanks to QEOS ENERGY swift and efficient installation teams.

ATotal of 2254 units of T8

1621 units of QEOS LED T8 (5ft) Industry Specification lights at 15 watts running 24 hours were installed in the factory. Another 633 units of QEOS LED T8 (4ft customised) Industry Specification lights at 11.5 watts running at 24 hours were deployed at various key operation areas within. QEOS LED Lights were designed as well to retrofit into the existing housings at Silterra which made installation much easier and faster. Each QEOS LED lighting comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Better Savings Starts Now

Now Silterra will enjoy an estimated RM1.71 million in energy savings for at least the next 5 years or more. The replacement from the existing fluorescent lighting which were running at 65 watt and 40 watt will yield significant reduction in overall utility costs at Silterra.