Petronas Penapisan- Melaka, Malaysia

Petronas engaged QEOS Energy, to supply and install eight units of solar street lights with SCADA systems, at the Petronas Penapisan Melaka parking area. Petronas opted for the solar street light solution using highly efficient QEOS Energy solar street lights in order to provide a continuous source of lighting in the evenings, which also had a renewable energy source.

Solar Street Lights for Better Safety

QEOS Energy Solar Street Light installed in Malaysian Refinary Company Sdn. Bhd.(MRCSB) contractor parking area has made an impact to the community. The high efficiency streetlights enable all Malaysian Refinary Company Sdn. Bhd. (MRCSB) workers to navigate more clearly in the parking areas.

QEOS Energy Solar Street Lights prescribe the optimum levels of brightness to ensure driver vision is not affected by artificial lighting. Meanwhile, the QEOS Energy Solar Street Lighting in general plays a hugely important role in public safety. Safety and incident prevention will be enhanced thus benefitting the MRCSB workers who are the direct beneficiaries of this project. Everyone goes home safe.

Opting for the Better Choice

The advantages of using the QEOS Energy solar street light is there is no energy costs on a monthly basis, there are no excavations or cables needed during installation and works at minimum maintenance costs.Besides being a renewable resource, solar street lights are also eco-friendly and leaves almost zero carbon footprint.