Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center (OMSMC)- Melaka, Malaysia

Lighting is vital in the healthcare industry. Different lighting luminous lux needs to be tailored according to OSHA standard for consultations area, waiting rooms, operating rooms and other equally important rooms. Hospital Putrajaya made the wise choice in choosing QEOS ENERGY to replace their current lights with QEOS LED lighting.

Making the Right Choice

Perfect lighting is very important for a medical center. QEOS LED is the best choice to get the right lighting to carry out complex surgical procedures. Imperfect lightings can cause serious damage when carrying out surgical procedures, hence, to prevent this, Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Center has made the right choice by choosing QEOS LED to get better lighting. QEOS ENERGY was tasked in the execution of this plan.

Huge Savings in Energy Costs

OMSMC has signed a MOU with QEOS LED to launch a full scale retrofitting energy efficient lights and solar car parks. It is estimated OMSMC’s total electricity savings is RM2.4 million for energy efficient lighting and RM 6 million savings for self-generation of electricity with solar car park.