Malaysia Genome Institute - Selangor, Malaysia

Malaysian Genome Institute is a network-based not-for-profit organization undertaking basic and translational research aimed at the generation of new intellectual properties and technologies for economic development via a large scale collaborative project. Malaysian Genome Institute engaged the QEOS LED Advance Lighting System based on its technology for high efficiency, low energy consumption and long lasting lighting.

Save More with QEOS LED

Malaysian Genome Institute (MGI) and QEOS LED have embarked on an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) project which will bring about a savings to MGI of RM 2.2 million in energy efficient lighting and RM 0.35 million savings from maintenance costs for eight years. A total of 6,451 QEOS LED lights have been installed in Genome Malaysia Institute, the total savings that Genome Malaysia institute will achieve with QEOS LED lightings is a brilliant RM 2.55 million.

An Eco-Friendly Environment

QEOS LED lights installed in Malaysia Genome Institute contain no toxic elements or are 100% toxic free. Therefore there are no harmful emissions from any of QEOS LED lights installed. QEOS LED lighting provides better quality of light distribution as they emit light in a wide direction hence, reducing the light bulbs that need to be used in a spacious environment.