Solar Street Light Project - Melaka, Malaysia

Ministry Of Science and Technology Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) and Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), set upon a bold mission: to harness the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available; solar energy. Furthermore, the mission also was to provide rural outdoor lighting that consumed little or no resources, required no moving parts, and virtually maintenance free.

The challenge: To find a solar solutions provider with the technology to generate sufficient power. The technology would have to easily retrofit onto existing light poles as well as on new poles and would require minimal maintenance Finally, the solution would have to be durable for rural environment and yet be aesthetically pleasing. Their first area would be several rural inland villages and a fishing village with a newly made jetty in the state of Melaka, Malaysia.

MOSTI selected the QEOS LED Solar Street Lights to be The Ideal Fit

MOSTI selected the QEOS LED solar street lights to be the ideal fit for their lighting solutions. The low weight and efficient power generating capability of the solar panels by QEOS Energy Sdn Bhd allowed QEOS LED to create a self-contained solar-powered lighting that it was off-grid and could be used in remote installations without the fear of power outages. QEOS LED’s lighting solution is ideal for roadways, sidewalks, apartment and condominium complexes, corporate and industrial parking lots, retail parking lots, university campuses, government institutions, and military installations. The entire installation for all 25 Solar Street lights took 4 Days with a QEOS Energy crew of 6.

25 units of Solar Streetlights

The 25 LED streetlights are powered off-grid by ruggedized solar panels and long lasting batteries, all mounted on galvanized steel poles set on concrete foundations. Being solar powered, the lights are cost effective in terms of no energy costs, no trenching or cabling and minimal maintenance costs. The batteries being recharged by the solar panels can be expected to last up to 20 years.

For this case, the QEOS Energy system’s programmable Charge Controller automatically manages the operation of the LED solar streetlights based on amount of sunlight available to the solar panels. As dusk approaches, the Controller will turn on the streetlights at full brightness (100%) for 12 hours.

Total of 4 Villages Get To Enjoy Off-grid Solar Electric Power

Total of 9 QEOS Energy Solar Street Lights on 4 meter poles were deployed at a jetty for the fishing village of Kampung Hailam, melaka. As well as an additional 16 QEOS Energy Solar Street Lights on 6 meter poles were installed at the surrounding 3 villages namely Kampung Gelam, Kampung Solok Tangga Batu Pekan and Kampung Bukit Darat. The project was delivered in 2016 and has not received any technical problems to date.