Jalan Batu Kawa - Sarawak, Malaysia

Kuching Padawan Council is taking its first steps towards sustainability, converting its municipal street lights in stages to QEOS LED Street Lights. QEOS Energy as the project implementer, believes that incorporating QEOS LED lighting will improve on the brightness and thus enhance the security of the area.

They also provide a world of possibilities for the city for night events, safe travel routes and it will achieve a target of 80% energy reduction on its energy consumption.

Padawan Municipal Council Chooses QEOS Led, for Led Streetlight Conversion Project

As QEOS Energy is the implementor for QEOS LED, we are committed to researching innovative solutions with a philosophy of continuous improvement with emphasis on cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly installations.

Jalan Batu Kawa Shines with LED Lighting by QEOS LED

The goal for QEOS Energy would be to implement the level and quality of public lighting for better security and comfort. By introducing QEOS LED technology, we wanted to offer the client better quality lighting colour, as well as energy savings and a reduction in maintenance costs. QEOS Energy also enabled the city to ‘light up’ for night events, provide safe travel routes and achieved the target of 80% energy reduction on its energy consumption.