Jakel - Melaka, Malaysia

Jakel wanted to create an experience that keeps shoppers coming back, and lighting was essential to this equation, minus the time and cost of replacing lamps. When the Melaka branch fabrics franchise went looking for lighting that could last, it found it in QEOS LED.

Jakel was rewarded with an LED solution that promised to leave replacement lamps in the past. QEOS LED, presented Jakel with its T8 Security Specification LED lights, a product of QEOS LED Advanced Lighting System. Masterfully installed by QEOS ENERGY team of professional installers.

Making the Right Choice

Unlike traditional fluorescent lamps, QEOS LED Security Series luminaires provide a directional light source for a more sophisticated appearance. The LED fixtures offer over 200,000 hour life that will help slash the store’s annual re-lamping costs, and all of the QEOS LED T8 lights could be retrofitted into the existing housings. Coupled with its 5 year manufacturer warranty, Jakel is granted peace of mind for the next half decade.

Huge Savings in Energy Costs

From spending almost RM 200,000.00 for the last five years, a total of 404 units of QEOS LED T8 Led lights were installed by QEOS ENERGY and would generate a total cost saving estimate of RM150,000.00 for the next 5 years. A testimony that will echo for years to come.