Hospital Putrajaya - Putrajaya, Malaysia

Lighting is vital in the healthcare industry. Different lighting luminous lux needs to be tailored according to OSHA standard for consultations area, waiting rooms, operating rooms and other equally important rooms. Hospital Putrajaya made the wise choice in choosing QEOS ENERGY to replace their current lights with QEOS LED lighting.

More Than 75% Energy Saved

As a result of their 24/7 operations, hospitals use roughly twice the amount of energy compared to similar sized commercial buildings. QEOS Energy pilot installation has demonstrated good light quality and energy savings exceed 75 percent of the previous usage.

Good Lighting Saves Lives

Lighting or illumination is a vital requirement for any operation theatre, where the optimal visual environment to carry out surgical procedures is an utmost concern. The lightings should be perfect so that medical professionals can carry out their tasks without any visual hindrances. Proper lighting can also reduce the usage of time and cost abundantly. Good lighting saves lives!