Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah - Muar Johor, Malaysia

Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital provides leading-edge medicine, patient care and renowned medical education. With more important issues a hospital faces every day, why should lighting be a concern? High ceilings and hard to reach lighting locations made for increased maintenance cost. The hospital operates 24/7, requiring a lighting solution to ease the maintenance and energy nightmare

Ultra Energy Saving

QEOS ENERGY, installed QEOS LED advanced lighting fixtures will enable safe and comfortable illumination, that will benefit both patients and hospital staff. A total of 8312 advanced, ultra energy saving and durable QEOS LED Lights will light up the hospital, from patient rooms, lobby ways and even operating theatres. QEOS LED will deploy a range of T8 LED tube lighting scaling from 2FT to 4FT variants.

A Balanced CRI for Safety of Drivers and Pedestrians

QEOE Energy was also needed at carparks, QEOS LED Street Lights were used to ensure a balanced CRI for safety of drivers and pedestrians. The result, a clearer, more consistent lighting with even coloring and a higher CRI.