Adya Hotel - Langkawi, Malaysia

The Adya Hotel is a multiple awarded 4 star hotel in Langkawi. When it comes to lighting, they already knew LED was the answer for reducing energy use compared to standard options. Initial plans called for a variety of eye-catching lamps and fixtures to be sourced from several manufacturers, QEOS LED stood out amongst the rest.

Savings Never Looked So Good

One of the Key Strengths of QEOS LED lighting technology, is the ability to retrofit to existing lighting installations. This presents a welcomed solution to the Adya Hotel group as it brought about a significant reduction in installation costs. Having the ability to retrofit to existing systems, allows QEOS LED to complete installation in a much shorter time frame, reducing downtime and room unavailability.

Adya Hotel, Langkawi Shines with LED Lighting by QEOS LED.

The installation of QEOS LED lighting has tremendously reduced a huge amount of money spent on energy and maintenance. QEOS LED lighting provides a better and pleasant environment for everyone to have an enjoyable experience.