Agro Biotechnology Institute - Selangor, Malaysia

Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI) is one of the three Biotechnology Institutes under Malaysia Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). Agro-Biotechnology Instituition Malaysia (ABI) opted to the superior energy efficient QEOS LED lighting, to champion its efforts to Go Green. Ensuring a better scoring for its green index listing.

Better Savingsd

A total of 5,693 QEOS LED lights have been installed by QEOS ENERGY in Agro Biotechnology Institute. QEOS LED advance lighting system (>170lm/W) will provide huge energy savings of RM 1.9 million from energy efficient lighting and RM 0.31 million savings from maintenance for over eight years by installing QEOS LED lighting. Agro Biotechnology Institute will be saving a total of RM 2.2. million, a big win the institute management for making the QEOS LED its preferred lighting solutions provider

Better Working Environment

QEOS LED lighting which provides naturally-lit environments can improve productivity and comfort in laboratories. It has been determined that a laboratory which is naturally lit can help provide the mental and visual stimulation. Thus, QEOS LED lighting provides a better lighting in the working environment for AGRO employees.