About QEOS Energy

QEOS Energy Sdn. Bhd. is a fully owned subsidiary of QEOS LED Sdn. Bhd. With over 50 patents awarded and pending globally on connectivity, QEOS Energy utilizes the technology from QEOS Connectivity Technology® solution which provides Connected People, Connected Power & Connected Data technology concurrently to rural and urban communities.

QEOS Energy Sdn. Bhd. is an approved Registered Service Provider (RSPV) under the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) in Malaysia and also provides smart financing via Energy Performances Contracting (EPC) for credit – worthly clients. EPC is a turnkey service that provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency measures and guarantees that the savings produced by a project will be sufficient to finance the full cost of the project.



Advancing Communities via Connecting Technology

QEOS Connectivity Technology® solution, is an important cycle of three core connected elements.

Connected Power

Qeos Connected Power, is a stable, low cost, long lasting energy solution that can generate excess power


Stable, low cost and long lasting solar power generating solution


Remote monitoring and easy power management


To maximize and optimize excess power with energy efficient products

Connected Data

Qeos Connected Data is a ruggedized data infrastructure with high fidelity, large bandwidth and a fast reliable distribution network

High Fidelity Data

No data lost

Distribution Networks

Fast and reliable distribution network

Large Bandwidth

High data throughput

Connected People

Qeos Connected People, is a communication platform for better access to enhanced services, more effective social interaction and enable trade


Government and public services

Social Interaction

Community networking, internal communication, social media


Enhance trade

Renewable Energy Solution Provider

QEOS ENERGY is a renewable energy solutions provider that finances, constructs, and operates solar projects. We are headquartered in Malaysia and can operate globally, focusing on long-term investments within the commercial and industrial customer segments. Our focus is on design integration, superior performance, extreme reliability and 24/7 support services with optimal aesthetics.

QEOS ENERGY envisions a future where many more homes and businesses are using energy systems that are as smart as they are beautiful. As clean energy experts we are passionate about providing cutting-edge energy solutions for our clients while improving the world we live in. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific financial, aesthetic, environmental and business objectives, and to develop solutions that satisfy and exceed their expectations.

QEOS ENERGY offers a wide range of solutions and products to bring energy in villages and for off-grid living. Our integrated solar batteries systems can be used in a lot of situations, for big projects of rural electrification financed by governments. QEOS ENERGY Off-grid solar solutions offer high tech and efficient solutions, bringing electricity to remote rural villages, with no need for huge electrical grids and unsustainable costs for governments or local communities.

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